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Consignment FAQ

We take consignment by appointment only.

We want to thank you for all your support.

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What we are looking for: SPRING

    • Long Sleeves
    • Sweaters
    • Spring Dresses
    • Jeans
    • Sweatshirts
    • Lightweight Jackets.
    • Think of spring colors such as pastels and bright colors.
    • Outdoor equipment must be in excellent condition
    • We accept rain Jackets, Rain Boots, Jeans and Sweatshirts year-round (#PNW).
      • Puzzles
      • Books
      • Toys
      • Shoes (clean and laces needed, if applicable)
      • Cloth Diapers
        • Excellent, Clean Condition
        • Snaps no Velcro
        • No holes, stains or worn out elastic
      • Equipment (All equipment needs to have its original straps)
        • Pack n' Plays/Bassinets
        • Bouncers
        • Exersaucers
        • High Chairs
        • Bumbos & Boosters

       Consignment Drop Standards

      All drops are by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  All drops will be limited to one bin or box (the average size of a laundry basket). Drops will be sorted during your appointment time and "no thank you" items returned to you. Please arrive on time and allow us 15-20 minutes to sort your items.
      How do I bring in my Items? 
      All Items need to fit neatly in a box or bin (no larger than the average laundry basket) and not be overflowing or falling out. All items need to be photo ready!
      *No plastic bags will be accepted*


      Clothing Items:

        • Clothing must be freshly laundered, laid flat, no stains, holes, tear, pilling, wrinkled or excessive wear. 
        • make sure all clothing is zipped, buttoned and snapped
        • Season appropriate and in fashion.
        • No dates, years, cities or personal names.
        • Shoes need to be like new only, have laces and no scuffs or dirt 
        • We do not accept used personal items such as underwear or bras.
        • Hangers will not be returned

      Toys, Equipment and Furniture:

        • must be clean, sanitized & have working batteries- (battery & cleaning fee will be charged)
        • have ALL working parts.
        • no spit up or stains and fabric seats washed.
        • items with multiple pieces need to be sorted and bagged.

      What items do you NOT accept?

      • Most Store Brands (i.e. Garanimals, Child of Mine, Just for You, Circo)
      • Boppy Loungers
      • Car Seats
      • Breast Pumps
      • Cribs
      • Crib bedding sets
      • Stuffed animals
      • Fast food type toys
      • VHS movies
      • no recalls-

      What is your consignment season schedule?

      • Spring: January, February & March
      • Summer: April, May & June
      • Fall: July, August & September
        • Halloween items will be accepted until 9/30
      • Winter: October, November & December
        • Holiday items will be accepted until 9/30

      How long are my items for sale?

      We provide 90 days of selling space in our store for your consignable items. This term may be shortened for seasonal items if brought in near the end of season.  All the items need to be brought in according to our drop standards listed above.

      What percentage do I make?

      You will receive 40% of the final selling price. If your items are not brought in according to our standards your consignment percentage will be 30%

      How are my items priced?

      We price all inventory based on condition, brand, style and demand.  We reserve the right to mark down prices at any time in order to sell the merchandise.

      Can I get cash for my sold items?

      You can use your account credit in store or request a payout at any time, cash payouts are no more than once a month.  All inventories are tagged, logged into your account and sales tracked using consignment software.  You can call, email or stop by to check on your items at any time during regular business hours.

      What happens at my consignment appointment?

      We will go through your items at your appointment and products deemed not sell-able will be returned immediately. Any damaged items found after intake (i.e. stains, rips, wear) will be donated unless specified by consignor to be contacted. 

      What happens to my items after the consignment period?

      Unsold items at the end of term will be donated to NW Children’s Outreach or Hathaway Clothing Closet.  You are welcome to contact us at the end of your consignment period to pick up your unsold items.  Items may not be picked up before the end of your consignment period. 

       Are there times you do not take consignment?

      All drops are now taken by appointment only.  

      If you have any questions about these items please email us at or send us a message via Facebook at

      We reserve the right to not accept any consignments for reasons not previously mentioned.